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Hide/remove Submenu in ToolBar

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I have a Toolbar on the chart and have removed all the buttons except for

the "Copy to Clipboard" button. It works fine, however withing the copy to

Clipboard option there are 4 submenus (As a bitmap, as a metafile, as text,

as OLE object). Is there a way to remove/hide these submenus and only have

the "as a metafile" available. Basically, I want the users to have only one

option to copy the Chart. How do I do this?

Also, can I add some Text on the "Copy to clipboard" button


- Rich

The code is as below


Set chart1 = server.createobject("ChartFX.WebServer")

' General Settings

Chart1.TypeMask = &H6880502&

Chart1.Style = &HF76FFFF8&

' Other Settings

Chart1.DblClk 0,0

Chart1.ToolBarObj.Visible = True

Chart1.ToolBarObj.Docked = TGFP_RIGHT

Chart1.ToolBarObj.RemoveItems 19,4

Chart1.ToolBarObj.RemoveItems 2,0

Chart1.OpenDataEx 2,1,0




chart1.ConstantLine(0).label="Limit 1"


Chart1.CloseData 2



Chart1.SerLegBox = TRUE


<%= Chart1.GetHtmlTag(415,310,"Auto","Chart1") %>

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Check out the following article:

Q1371021. Adding custom commands to chartfx's popup menus

In your particular case, you want to remove instead of adding but it is very

similar, the RemoveSubCommand method, removes a command form a list of

commands (menu).

For example, to remove the Copy-To-Bitmap item from the Copy menu, you can


ChartFX1.Commands(CFX_ID_EXPORTCLIPBOARD).RemoveSubcommand (0)

Where "0" is specifying the FIRST command in the list.



Software FX, Inc.

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