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ChartFX with PHP

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i'm trying to load the ChartFX COM-Object in PHP and export a

chart into a bitmap-file. But it doesn't work at all. It only

writes an empty file to disk. Has anybody some expericence

with PHP and ChartFX?

Here is my current PHP-Code-Snippet:


$chartFX = new COM( "ChartFX.Chart" )

or die ( "Can't find ChartFX" );

$chartFX->Export( 1, "C:\\Chart1.bmp" ); //1 = CHART_BITMAP


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You are trying to use the ActiveX control.

The ActiveX control requires a container and is to be used in interactive

applications. What you need to use is Chart FX Internet, which provides a

Server Side component that is Windowless and designed to work in the

"background" like in a WEB server. This component has properties that will

allow you to specify the size of the image without it ever being displayed

in the screen.

Sorry, we do not have samples for Perl.



Software FX, Inc.

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thx for your fast response. The exporting-function works very well

with the ChartFX-Internet Object. But a new problem came up: How can

I feed the object with Data? I got it to work with a ADODB.Resultset,

but I can't set the values "manually".

In ASP you can assign values with the following statement:

Chart.ValueEx(i,j) = 50

But in PHP this doesn't work:

$chartFX->ValueEx( $i, $j ) = 50.0;

This is an illegal statement. Do you know how to do this in PHP?

thx in advance

Michael Doswald

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