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Problem Exporting to BMP

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I'm having trouble exporting a chart to a bmp file. The problem is that if

I have 4 or more series on my chart, only 3 show up in the file.

chtMain.SerLegBoxObj.Docked = TGFP_BOTTOM

chtMain.SerLegBox = True

chtMain.SerLegBoxObj.Font.Size = 12

chtMain.SerLegBoxObj.BorderStyle = BBS_MONO


chtMain.SerLegBoxObj.SkipEmpty = True

chtMain.SerLegBoxObj.AutoSize = True

chtMain.Export CHART_BITMAP, "C:\Chart1.bmp"

I've attached the file as a jpg because the bmp file was too large.

Anyone have any ideas on why this is happening??



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The following code will fix it:

ChartFX1.SerLegBoxObj.Docked = TGFP_BOTTOM

ChartFX1.SerLegBox = True

ChartFX1.SerLegBoxObj.Font.Size = 12

ChartFX1.SerLegBoxObj.BorderStyle = BBS_MONO

ChartFX1.SerLegBoxObj.SkipEmpty = True

ChartFX1.SerLegBoxObj.AutoSize = True


ChartFX1.Export CHART_BITMAP, "C:\Chart1.bmp"

Notice that I moved SizeToFit to the LAST place, assigning AutoSize=True is

unnecessary (this is the default) but it does no harm.



Software FX, Inc.

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