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Problem Modifying Point Label length

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I'm using GetPointLabel event to intercept point label display for a

specific series and have come across a problem. It is for a Scatter series

and I am replacing the Y value already assigned to the Point Label with an X

Value. The X Axis is set to 0 decimal places and Y axis set to 4 decimal


In the event handler I replace hText with the relevant X Point Value

(remember, 0 dec places). After the chart is painted I get a control

character mixed in.

Example. hText has the X value of 150 assigned to it. Label is displayed as

"150x00" where x is a unprintable control character. If X value is 60, say,

the label is displayed as "60x000". Alternatively, if the length of X is

greater than the number of dec places assigned to the Y Axis, it is

truncated. I assume, it is the number of dec places assigned to the Y Axis

that is doing this? I don't really want to change the number of places for Y

just to achieve the effect I need.

Is there some property or bit I need to set so that the labels are correctly

displayed without the control character AND trailing ZERO's

Also, I just want to say a thank you to you guys on the support team for

helping me out so far. We've made huge progressions here with the

development of our next version using your ActiveX Control.


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