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Chart FX Client/Server 5.1

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Hello, All!

What are the differences between the new version (5.1) and the previous

version (5.0), except for the Pocket Chart FX?

Are there any new features in Chart FX DLL?

Originally we bought Chart FX 98, then it was renamed to Chart FX

Client/Server 4.0 and at the end of year 2002 module versions increased to


The latest update available from the support site is version

So I wonder if the new version (5.1) is just the same old version bundled

with Pocket Chart FX.

With best regards,

Serge S. Spiridonoff

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Chart FX 5.1 includes a few additional extensions such as Cross-Tab, XML

Data reader, and others (such as Pocket Chart FX), the upgrades to the Chart

FX Core are free to download from our support site, version is the

latest version of the Chart FX core, you don't need to upgrade to get this

service pack you need to upgrade if you want to have access to all these

additional functionality added through the new extensions.



Software FX, Inc.

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