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I have a realtime chart (2 lines) that adds a new point ( to each line)

every minute in an "AddTick" function.

Is it possible to use multiplecolors and then fire code like:

chartfx.multiplecolors = true

chartfx.opendataex COD_COLORS, 2, 0

chartfx.color(chartfx.npoints) = vbred

chartfx.color(chartfx.npoints + 1) = vbblue

chartfx.closedataex CODCOLORS

obviously the colors would be calculated depending on some sort of

condition, not always red and blue.

Any help would be appreciated, I am lost on how to use the multiplecolors


Chase Gale

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Multiple colors are not supported in real-time charts as they don't scroll

with the data (after the buffer is full).

For a regular chart the code would look something like this:

chartfx.multiplecolors = true

chartfx.opendataex COD_COLORS, 2*NumberOfPoints, 0

For i = 0 to NumberOfPoints-1 Do

chartfx.color(i) = vbred

chartfx.color(i+NumberOfPoints) = vbBlue

Next i

chartfx.closedataex COD_COLORS



Software FX, Inc.

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