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is there a bug with the ProgID "CfxData.TxtFile.1"???

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im using chartfx client server with c++ and have come across a tricky issue

with the ChartFX data Provider (Cfx4Data.dll), specifically with the ProgID

"CfxData.TxtFile.1". I can use the COM function CoCreateInstance() (same

with CoCreateInstanceEx()) to successfully instantiate some of the classes

defined in the ChartFX data Provider (Cfx4Data.dll), such as the ProgID's

"CfxData.ADO.1" and "CfxData.Array.1". These work great.

However, i have tried and tried unsucessfully to instantiate the ProgID

"CfxData.TxtFile.1", and after some investigation i now suspect there is a

bug in the dll. The COM error i keep getting is "Class not registered".

I have used MS VC7's OLE/COM Object Viewer to take a look at the

Cfx4Data.dll and the classes it exposes (under Automation Objects). I

suspect there is a problem with its implementation of CfxDataFile Class bc

the other classes which work, like CfxDataAdo and CfxDataArray, have an

entry under their Registry tab that looks something like:

CfxData.ADO.1 = CfxData Ado Class

CLSID = {FBBAAC49-3DBA-11D2-9BF0-00104B62BDDA}

whereas the CfxDataFile Class is missing this. I really wonder if this is

why CoCreateInstance() cannot find the "CfxData.TxtFile.1" ProgID.

Any workarounds, or if it is a bug, any chance of getting it fixed?




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