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Dear Omar,

We don't call this particular case a Real-Time chart in our docs, for us

this is just a regular chart.

You can pass data to a chart at ANY time by using the Data API :




You can call these as many times as you want on the same chart and as often

as you want to replace the data already in the chart.

Samples of this are provided throughout the docs, just remember, do not look

for Real Time charts in the docs. it will mislead you into our Real Time API

which is not what you are looking for.



Software FX Support

"omar vargas" <al768775@mail.mty.itesm.mx> wrote in message


> Hello again,


> I want my Chart to renew the data every minute and I don't want it to

> scroll, only renew the data like pressing the "refresh" botton of the

> Internet Explorer, what can I do? Somebody have an example?


> Tanking you in advance.


> Omar Vargas

> al768775@mail.mty.itesm.mx



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