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Click to toggle series highlight?

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I would like to be able to left-click on a series legend symbol to

toggle the highlight for a given series. The reason for this, is that

many of the statistical summary values only display when a series is

highlighted. I would like the user to be able to click on a series to

keep it highlighted, so that they can save or print the chart with the

summary statistic displayed.

Instead of the chart highlighting a series on mouse-over, I want it to

highlight on click, and keep it highlighted until clicked again, all

handled on the client side.

How can I do this with the ChartFX WebForms? What are my options to

implement this sort of behavior?



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Highlighting can not be "pinned". It will go away on its own.

You can, however tell the Statistical extension to show the data for an

specific series. You can use this API only if you turn Highlight OFF.

To fix the current series being displayed you do:

statistics1.SelectedSeries = 0;

You can do this when a particular series is clicked. Sort of like doing your

own Highlighting, for example:



lastSeries = -1;



<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" FOR="Chart1" EVENT="MouseDown(button, clicks,

hitType, x, y, nSeries, nPoint, object)">


if (lastSeries != -1)

Chart1.Series.Item(lastSeries).LineWidth = 1; // Go back to normal

statistics = Chart1.Extensions.Item(0).SelectedSeries = nSeries;

if (nSeries >= 0)

Chart1.Series.Item(nSeries).LineWidth = 3; // Your own highliting

lastSeries = nSeries;



This, if you are using the .NET Client component (which you are since you

are seeing the highlighting). For this to work with an image you have to

capture the click event and write similar code server side.



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