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Printing problem with ChartFx 2.0

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How can I print charts landscape-oriented with VB 6.0 and ChartFX

ActiveX-control (ver. 2.0.0). They insist to do portrait when printed with

control's print tool. On the other hand, when using browser's own print

option, I get the right orientation but preview/final output is blank, or

grey box (depending the printer). Any ideas?

Jussi K.

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Chart FX 2.0 can only print to the default printer orientation.

Notice that Chart FX 2.0 is a very old version, it was designed for VB 3.0

way back in 1993.

Also, browser support is not tested in this version (IE was not even part of

Windows back then).

Many versions, and products have been released since then, please check our

Web site for details on which Chart FX product can best serve your needs.



Software FX, Inc.

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