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We are currently using Chart FX Internet for dynamic chart plotting. We are

currently having trouble creating a stacked chart from a database query.

Could you please provide us with an example and further resources? We have

checked your site and have found nothing to help us in our situation.

Thanks for your time,


Shane Bauer

Intranet Web Developer

Engineering Systems

Black & Decker, Inc.

Phone - 410-716-2415

Fax - 410-716-3655

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The Stacked property does not affect how the data is read from the data

source (dbase, file, etc.) it only affects the way the data is displayed, so

any of the samples that retrieve data from a database query has the code

that you need. Simply set the Stacked property in one of these samples to

see the series stacked instead of Side-By-Side.



Software FX, Inc.

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