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Hi ~

I'm sorry, I can't English very well... specially writting...


I have some trouble in using ChartFX Client/Server Component(trial version


I created the Object without Window, and called Paint Method.

However there's no chart on my screen.

Details are as follow;


1) Developed using...

MS Windows 2000 Professional

MS Visual C++ 6.0 ( MFC )

2) the Way I created object is...

IChartFXPtr m_pChartFX ;

m_pChartFX.CreateInstance(__uuidof(ChartFX)) ;

3) the Way I Displayed chart is...

m_pChartFX->Paint((long)(pDC->m_hDC), 650, 650, 800, 800, CPAINT_BKGND, 0);


When Mapping mode is "MM_TEXT", there's no problem of displaying chart.

However, if I change the mapping mode to logical coordinates, - I need the

MM_LOMETRIC mapping mode -

the chart are not displayed on my screen and I can only see a background.

if I exchange the value of Top coordinates for that of Bottom coordinates,

the chart's displayed upsidedown and all of the fonts are broken(very


1. Using MM_TEXT mapping mode



// set mapping mode


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