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Repeat of an old Post

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I posted the message below last week and did not get a response for ChartFX

Support. I would very much like to know whether this is a bug or if I'm

doing something wrong. If it is a bug, is a fix forthcoming? Please


Thanks, Steve Werkema

Previous message follows ==>

I am using Chart FX in Visual C++. I am trying to print only the portion

of a zoomed XY chart that is being displayed. My understanding is that the

following code is supposed to accomplish this:

ChartFX1->PrintIt(-1, -1);

When I do this, what gets printed is a segment of the chart that begins at

the beginning of the x-axis -- not the part of the chart being displayed.

Do you have any ideas about where I'm going wrong?


Steve Werkema

Fermi National Accelerator Lab

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The issue here is that the printed chart is generally a different size than

the chart in the screen.

PrintIt -1,-1

Will print the current view but it may print more, printing the chart will

keep the same PHYSICAL scaling, in other words, if the X-Axis units are 1

inc, they will be 1 inch in the printer. Because the printed page is usually

bigger than the screen, you may get more points and a bigger range when you


To understand this better, please take the Scroll & Zoom sample, change the

number of points to 1000, add a button that does PrintIt(-1,-1) and run it.

Click the Zoom-in check box and hit the PrintIt button.

You will notice that the printed chart starts at the same place the chart in

the screen does (31 in X-Axis, 600 in Y-Axis) but it goes beyond what you

see in the screen.

This is by design as we don't want to DEFORM the chart. If you want to print

exactly what's on the screen, you will have to distort the chart to match

the page size. Scaling and proportions will change. To see what this will

look like you can export the chart as a metafile and print it in a full

page. You can use this method (exporting to a metafile) to print only what

you see in the screen.



Software FX, Inc.

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