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Menu for right click on x axis

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I want to replace the context menus with my own and I couldn't find any

dialog (using ShowDialog) that has the font & color properties for the

labels on it. I am using


when I want to edit the font for the x-axis label, but is there a dialog for

the color?


Daniel Reber

"SoftwareFX Support" <support@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> No. These menu options are attached to the axis that was clicked, for

> example if you click in the Y-Axis Font... will have a different meaning

> than if you click in the primary. What exactly do you want to do ? where


> you want to display this menu ?

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> FP

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1) You can customize the menu with your own commands. Please refer to

"Customizing Tools\Tool Bar and Menu Bar" in the Programmer's guide for


2) You can display your own dialog, or use the Windows Common dialogs to

select the font and color (Font Dialog) and then use the Chart FX API to set

it to the chart (Font and RGBFont properties).



Software FX, Inc.

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