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How can I use LEGEND while hiding LABELS in PIE chart?

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I'm using ChartFX Client Server 5.1 on Visual C++ 6.0

When I make PIE chart, I want to show the name of slice in legond box and

hide Labels in chart area.

I manage to show legend box, but I cannot hide Labels in chart area.

I set like this : setPointLabels(FALSE)

then, I cannot see the percentage value on each slice, but there are still

the same name that are in legend box.

How can I hide this labels?

Thanks in advance.

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This should be automatic, if you set the Legend property, then turn on the

LegendBox property (true), the labels will show only on the legend box and

not in the PIE, you must be setting some other property here to change this


Please try with a brand new project, set the Legend property, and then set

LegendBox = true.



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