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Missing License

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I'm planning on using ChartFX in my VB component and placing the charts in

an ActiveReport report. When I attempt to add the ChartFX Internet Control

to the ActiveReport control I get "Missing License" printed across the


I use ChartFX successfully in my ASP project, but now I need to print the

charts in a report and export them to PDF.

What do I need to do to use the ActiveX version of ChartFX or fix this

missing license problem?


Brian M. Beaudet

Senior Developer

EfficiencyLab, LLC


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Article Q1381030 references ChartFX 98 and I'm almost sure ActiveReports 

1. I'm working with ChartFX Internet 5.5 and ActiveReports 2. Anyhow, I

need a bit more information. I've successfully used ChartFX Internet 5.5

charts in my client's web pages using ChartFX's ASP functionality. Now I

need to wrap up these charts in an exported PDF file created in my COM


OK, so I insert a form in my Visual Basic DLL. What do I do from there?

Do I add the ChartFX Internet Control to the toolbox and then add it to

the form? If I do that the words "Missing License" are still printed out

across the blank charting area. What do I need to do next? From what

I've read, I need to create the first chart here and then I could go on

to add further charts into my ActiveReports designer.

I really need some help here, because I've got a deadline looming and I

am lost.


"Software FX Support" <support@softwarefx.com> wrote in


> Because ActiveReports doesn't support licensed control, there are some

> issues with Chart FX, check out article Q1381030 in the KB for details

> about how to integrate these two.


> --

> FP

> Software FX, Inc.




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Which component are you adding to the Active Report ? Chart FX IE Client ?

Chart FX IE Client is designed only to run inside a browser, it requires

HTTP connectivity from the container to download license information. Chart

FX IE Client can not be used in a WEB server.

I think what you want to do here is to export the chart as a picture

(Metafile, Png, JPeg) and then embed this picture into the ActiveReports




Software FX, Inc.

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