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Problems with 100% Stacked Bars Chart

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I have a problem when displaying 100% stacked bars. The tooltip only shows

up when I put the mouse over the edge between 2 series.

If I put the mouse arrow anywhare in between I get the "Plot Area" tooltip.

Is this by design? Is it a bug?

One more thing: Can I create a line that shows the change in value in a

series from one year to another? My idea is shown in image2.jpg.

See attached images.

Thank you,

Michael Prendergast

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We are unable to reproduce this problem, please try the following:

Create a brand new chart and switch it to Stacked 100%. Do you get the same


Yes -> Please check that you have the latest Service Pack

No-> You are using some other setting that is causing this problem,

something that is not consistent with the chart type.

If the problem persists, please Export the chart to a file using the toolbar

or the Export method and e-mail it to us, please specify version number you

are using and development tool.



Software FX, Inc.

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