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exporting to metafile

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I'm using chartfx client server 5.0.5 and have got a question about

exporting the chart in VC++ to a metafile using the following command:


When I open this file in powerpoint, it shows a very small rectangle, when

resizing it only contains a gray area.

If I save it like


and then open it powerpoint as an ole object, it shows the chart all right

but the graphics are horrible.. however when you double click on it the

component activates and the graphics are shown properly..

Is there any way the OLEObject can show better graphics when is not

activated? Or even better how can I get the Export to Metafile to work?

b.t.w. The chart is created without a window...

Then finally I would like to show customized point labels for the objects

displayed in the chart. I created an event handler that replaces the strings

using the GetPointLabel event. When exporting this chart to an ChartFX OLE

File and importing it in PowerPoint the regular point labels appear but not

the customized ones. Does anybody know why?

Thanks in advance,


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