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formatting not applied !!!!

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I try this :

creating 2 ASCX control each one contain a chartfx graph. (I just copy/paste

the chart from 1 control to another and modify the second)

I create an ASPX page with 1 of the 2 ASCX control in it, and , in the same

page by program, I change the first control by the second ASCX control and

then... the first chart appeared !!!!! (the chart of the first ASCX control)

I'm surprised because the formating code is not stored in the HTML code

where the chart is.

So, my question is : where is stored the formatting information for a chart

control ?

the import/export function never store some formating information (like

series formatting, chart size, axis min/max/autoscale values...)

maybe, there is some problem anywhere ???



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Some questions to help us understand your situation:

1) Are you sing Chart FX Internet ? Chart FX for .NET ? version ?

2) How are you rendering the chart in each of your ASC controls ? GetHTMLTag


3) When calling GetHTMLTag a temporary file is created containing ALL the

chart settings and data, this only happens though if you're generating data

for the Client ActiveX control, if generating an image, an image file is

generated in the same temporary files folder.



Software FX, Inc.


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