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Gave up on realtime or Scroll when using XValueEx

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There is no support for Real-Time-Scrollable-XY-Charts in Chart FX, that is

why you are having so much trouble.

The problem here is scrolling, in an X-Y chart, points are not evenly spaced

so when a new points comes in, how much do you want to scroll, what if the

new point that comes is actually to the left of the last point, XY charts

don't necessarily go in one only direction, what if you have two or more

series and you run into a situation where the last point of all the series

can not be displayed in the same screen ?

For all these reasons we decided that there is no way to define a real X-Y

real time chart. We however provide the standard API for you to implement

"specific" versions of XY real-time charts in which you will have some

restrictions given your particular circumstances.

You can always add data and modify current data, change the scroll view,

etc. That is not what we call real-time in our docs. though. We call

real-time chart to a series of API that make it easier and faster to create

scrolling real-time charts, but this dos not include XY charts.

We will be glad to help you out implementing specific features in your




Software FX, Inc.

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