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Have each bubble painted with a different color in a Bubble Chart

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This property doesn't exist. (An error was returned)-->  "Point[x].Color"

OR "Point(x).Color"

"Object doesn't support this property or method"

The only ones I kown to set colors are .Series(x).Color and .Color(x)



ChartFX1.Gallery = BUBBLE

ChartFX1.OpenDataEx COD_VALUES, 2, 5

ChartFX1.OpenDataEx COD_XVALUES, 1, 5

For j = 0 To 4

ChartFX1.ValueEx(0, j) = Y(j) 'Bubble Y Value

ChartFX1.XValueEx(0, j) = X(j) 'Bubble Size

ChartFX1.ValueEx(1, j) = Z(j) 'Bubble Y Value

ChartFX1.SerLeg(j) = "Some Text" & j

Next j

ChartFX1.CloseData COD_VALUES

ChartFX1.CloseData COD_XVALUES

ChartFX1.MultipleColors = True <--- This instruction made the bubbles

have a different color

But I would like to set a specific colors for each bubble so after "CODE 1"

I did this



ChartFX1.OpenDataEx COD_COLORS, ChartFX1.NValues, 0

For i = 0 To ChartFX1.NValues - 1

ChartFX1.Series(i).Color = MyColors(i) "I also Try This"

ChartFX1.Color(i) = MyColors(i)


ChartFX1.CloseData COD_COLORS

But After this instruction "ChartFX1.CloseData COD_COLORS" I get again all

the Bubbles with the same color

and MultiColors still been TRUE.!!!!!!

After that the only way the get again a different color for each Bubble is

doing this......


and then RUN CODE 1

So how can I set with code a SPECIFIC COLOR for each Bubble.

I'm using VB 6 SP2.


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