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Hi, All:

I'm using ChartFX Client Server DLL version.

Is there any way I can deal with the keyboard input of users? Some keyboard

input, such as arrows, TAB and ESC key. So users can use arrow key to move

to a specific position in the chart also. Should I deal with key messages

in its parent ?

For the 'Open Chart' dialog box of ChartFX, 'Chart FX files and Chart FX

templates' is the same type to open. But in the 'Save Chart' dialog box,

'Chart FX files' is separated from 'Chart FX templates(no data) ' when users

choose the type to save. Our users is kind of confusing with this. They want

to combine them as in 'Open Chart' dialog box since they are all CHD file

and they have no chance to save a 'Chart FX templates(no data) ' file. So

what is the best way that I can combine those two separated types into one

as in the 'Open Chart' dialog box? Do I have to create my own dialog box

to do this mini changes?



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