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Date values on X-axis

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Hi People,

I have a database with these columns:

moment - Datetime

waveHeight - Int

I made a script that measures the waveheight on a certain moment an saves

this to the database. The interval can change over time so my dataset can

look like this:

Moment Waveheigth

12:00 300

12:05 250

12:07 400

12:20 410

12:25 420


Let's say i want to place the data on steps of 5 minutes and all points

should scale accordingly starting @ 12:00.

What is the correct code for this in VB.NET or C#.Net? Is there a example or

tutorial for this in the ChartFX.NET documentation?

Thanx a lot!


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Use the DataType property before assigning DataSource to specify XVlaues for

the First Column and YValues for the second.

You can find documentation on DataType in the Data Binding section.

PS: Please post in the Chart FX .NET newsgroup next time, you will get a

faster response.



Software FX, Inc.

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