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Is there a way to make ChartFx work with Delphi6 SP2?

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Is it possible to at least get the control working at runtime if

it can't be installed in IDE?? I have an application with ChartFx

that's closing on next release but after the switch to D6 it's not

usable :( BTW, I've never been able to get ANY version of D6 to

work with ChartFx. Help, anyone ?


Mikhail Khilkov

Senior Software Engineer

NEC Integrated Applications Division


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They have a pretty nasty bug, they crash or generate code that crashes when

importing an ActiveX that contains Array properties. They seem to be aware

of the problem as there is lots of postings in the Borland's newsgroups,

they try to fix it in SP1 then broke it again in SP2.

Honestly I don't know what they are thinking !



Software FX, Inc.

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