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cfx32.ocx / Web Page / unsafe ActiveX control

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I'm developing a solution for Web and I want show a chart (graphic).

I work with Delphi so I decided use the ocx chartFX, the same from Delphi


I put in my page the follow HTML :

<OBJECT classid="clsid:8996B0A1-D7BE-101B-8650-00AA003A5593"

TYPE="application/x-oleobject" id=Chartfx2 name=Chartfx2>

<SPAN STYLE="color:red">Load Error Chartf FX 2 !</SPAN>

<PARAM NAME="LICENSE" VALUE="../license/cfx32.lic">


But when I load the page I get the error :

"This page provides a potentially unsafe information to an ActiveX Control.

Your current settings prohibit runnig controls in this manner ..."

What can I do ?

note. I can't decrese the scurity skill and

I know that the best thing is download the newest version of ChartFX

or ChartFX IE but I would like use cfx32.ocx version

thank you

ps. Windows 2000, all sevice packs, IE 6, IIS 5

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