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Getting all extensions

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I am adding a picture annotation and a text box annotation to a chart using

the AddExtension method twice. I want to be able to remove one of the

extensions but leave the other when the chart gets adjusted. However when I

use the GetExtension I only retrieve the last extension added. How do I

retrieve the first extension so I can remove it but leave the other?

I have included a code snippet below to illustrate how I retrieve it:

'Set ExistingAnnotX = obj.GetExtension("AnnotationX.AnnList")

If fn_blnChartHasExtension(obj, ExistingAnnotX) = True Then

' v.Remove (-1)

If ExistingAnnotX.Count > 0 Then ' doesn;t seem to pick up

logo annotation as one?

For intAnnotationCtr = 1 To ExistingAnnotX.Count

If ExistingAnnotX.Item(intAnnotationCtr).ObjectType = 6


Select Case


Case "target", "drift"

' do nothing

Case Else

ExistingAnnotX.Remove (intAnnotationCtr)

End Select


ExistingAnnotX.Remove (intAnnotationCtr)

End If

Next intAnnotationCtr



End If



End If


Public Function fn_blnChartHasExtension(ByRef cfxChart1 As ChartFX, _

ByRef ExistingAnnotX As AnnotationX)

As Boolean

On Error GoTo ErrorHandler

' check if a chart has an existing set of annotations and if so return

them, 2002-03-13

Set ExistingAnnotX = cfxChart1.GetExtension("AnnotationX.AnnList")

fn_blnChartHasExtension = True


On Error GoTo 0

Exit Function


fn_blnChartHasExtension = False

GoTo Proc_Exit

End Function



Paul Nailand

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e: paul@visualrisk.com

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i'm not quite sure i understand

how then can i add the two annotation objects to be able to overcome this?



SoftwareFX Support <support@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> You can not add the same extension twice. Extensions are located by its

> progid, if you have two with the same you will always get the first one

> back.


> --

> FP

> Software FX, Inc.



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