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In the "Drilldown Capabilities" of the "Rendering Methods" section of the

"Samples & Resource Center," it states the following:

a.. Reload charts without reloading the entire page. This creates a seamless

storyboard effect as the page will not be reloaded when a chart is invoked

in the same bounding rectangle.

Can someone please explain to me how this can be implemented? I understand

that you can assign URLs to various points in a chart, but this Reload flag

is confusing me. The way I see it, if you are assigning URLs to points then

you have to go to the server, regardless of the setting of the Link.Reload

flag. The response to a post asking about the prevention of flashing stated:

"...turn on the URLFlag.Reload, this will cause ChartFX to hit the page

assigned in the URL and use the result of this page to populate the chart

you are drilling down in."

What exactly does that mean? How would it "hit the page assigned in the URL"

without going to the server????? I need to do a 4-level drill down without

going back to the server at all. Is this possible? The sample certainly

leaves much to be desired since all it does is put up a new page showing

values in a table of where the chart was clicked. Big deal. It doesn't

actually illustrate this ability to redraw a chart in the same spot on the

same page without going to the server. Can anyone please shed some light on

this? Thanks.


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This is what Reload means:

Normally a link will tell IE to load the specified Url. When Reload is used

this changes, instead of telling IE to load the page we load the page

ourselves and read its contents into the chart.

When using Reload the page you point to is a page that returns a BINARY

chart as opposed to an HTML page. This is achieved by using GetHtmlData on

that page.

This is only supported when the .NET client component is used.



Software FX

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