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[ASP/VBScript] PointLabelMask

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I've got a question regarding the PointLabelMask property.

The chart that I'm trying to emulate (originally created in Excel) looks as


Can I set the PointLabelMask property separately for each bar in this chart?

For instance, I need the first bar in the 0-50 series to read "12/12" and

first bar in the 51-100 series to read "35/35". The values of both of these

points is 1 but I need a different label other than the value "1.0".

Secondly, the second bar in both of the series, the one reading 0.825 and

0.936, respectively, comes out as 0.8 and 0.9 in my ChartFX chart. What

property do I use to format the numbers of the point labels? I need to set

it to 0.000.

Thank you,

Brian Beaudet

Senior Programmer


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The only way to achieve this level of customization is by trapping the

GetPointLabel event, this can only work using the Client ActiveX component.

If you are generating images, this approach won't work.

Another option is to create annotation objects.

We have added new functionality in Chart FX 6.0 (currently in BETA) to

assign custom data to points and display it as a point label.



Software FX, Inc.

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