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Multi Line Series Error

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I am having a problem with a multi series line chart using the code below -

overall = 1

icount = 1

mcount = 1

ccount= 1

while not .eof

if datatype = "I" then

chart.Series(0).Yvalue(icount) = .Fields("DITTA")

chart.Series(0).Xvalue(icount) = overall

icount = icount + 1

end if

if datatype = "M" then

chart.Series(1).Yvalue(mcount) = .Fields("DITTA")

chart.Series(1).Xvalue(mcount) = overall

mcount = mcount + 1

end if

if datatype = "C" then

chart.Series(2).Yvalue(ccount) = .Fields("DITTA")

chart.Series(2).Xvalue(ccount) = overall

ccount = ccount + 1

end if

chart.Axis(AXIS_X).Label(overall) = .Fields("DATETIMES")

overall = overall + 1



As you can see we use a three series XY Chart - the X AXIS is simply the

next point along - ie we get the first value check the data type (i.e which

series) set the Y Value to the DITTA data and the X value is the next point

along (as we do not require scaling etc etc) just that each data type I, M

or C has a different colour ie a different series and eac point is ploted

one after each other.

I think the confusion is the point variable ie icount, mcount and ccount.

In your help files you state that this is the number of points within the

chart - Does this mean the whole chart or the individual series? Any

clarification on this would be great

The first problem is if i use the icount, mcount ccount - then the X Axis

Label Falls short of the end? and if i use the variables the first axis

label is not displayed.

The second problem is the data for the items starts at 0,0 and has lines

going from this point to the next ( i have tried CHART_HIDDEN and

incrementing the Point +1)

If I plot the items on seperate graphs then they work perfectly :-)

I have attached a picture of the chart for further clarification.

Best Regards (Thanks for any help)


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