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Capturing Mouse Drag creates a new series Point.

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I'm using the LButtonDown,LButtonUp and MouseMoving functions to allow the

user to drag the mouse and edit different points on the series without

having to drag each individual point.

One issue occurs when I drag the mouse beyond the last series point. Say I

have a series with points 0-9. If I drag the mouse past point 9 (and past

the right Y axis), a point # 10 appears,even though I did not declare it in

the series.

I change the values of the points using the following calls:




where nSeries = 0 for the series,

nPoint = 0 through 9

fValue = the new value;

The point value that I send is never greater than 9 (I ensure this in the

code). Yet a point 10 will still appear.

I didn't see this in the known bug problems. Has anyone seen a similar


Thanks in advance,

Christopher Crotty


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It seems that you are doing all the mouse handling so I if a point is being

added it must be because your code sets its value.

When you say a 10th point you mean you have ten point on the chart (0-9) or

eleven (0-10) ?

As I said before, since you are the one handling the mouse, it has to be

your code (the only code that's running) that is changing the number of



Software FX, Inc.

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