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ChartFX can not work well in win2000

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Ok, you got me confused because you said the name was chartfx2.ocx.

CFX32.OCX is a 32-Bit ActiveX control and works in all 32-Bit OS (Win 95,

Win 98, etc.). For deployment requirements please go to

http://www.softwarefx.com/cfx30/doc/ref/depocx32.asp. The version you have

is 2.0 and you can find your exact version (build number) by right-clicking

the OCX under Widows Explorer and looking at the version information.

However, the version you have (the one that came with Delphi) is to be used

for Delphi Development ONLY. You ca refer to Delphi's license agreement for

more details.

You can get the latest version of our product, Chart FX Client Server 5.0

from us or one of our resellers, this version works with any ActiveX enabled

development tools such as VB, Delphi and others.

For more information please visit our WEB site at www.softwarefx.com.



"gqg" <honeycow@263.net> wrote in message


> Yes,It is 6 years old.It shiped with Delphi 3/4/5/6.Its filename is

> "CFX32.OCX".If it can not work well in win2k ,Why delphi included it?





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