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[VB] MarkerShape Changing

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I would like to change MarkerShapes.

so, I tried to set negative ASCII Code with Font to each Series's

MarkerShape Property.

but, can't apply Shape of different font to each Series's MarkerShape.

The below is my code.

With ChartFX1


.Series(0).MarkerShape = -64


.Series(1).MarkerShape = -180

.Series(2).MarkerShape = MK_INVERTEDTRIANGLE

End With

The MarkerShape font of two Series (0, 1) is applied by Last Font


In upper case, I tried to change Series(0).MarkerShape to the shape that

font is CF_ARIAL and ASCII Code is 64. but, the shape that font is

CF_WINGDINGS and ASCII code is 64 is applied to Series(0).MarkerShape

How can I apply it?

Thank you


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