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Microsoft Access 2000: "Automation error" & "The expression PrePaint you entered...."

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I have a problem with Access 2000:

I have just bought Chart FX Client Server 5.0, and I want to use it with


If I add a Chart in a new Form, and try to "Build Event", I get an

"Automation Error" when Access tries to show the control's methods.

From that moment on, each time I open the form I get several errors about

some properties/methods of the control, like PrePaint, PostPaint,

LButtonDown, ....

I had used the trial version before I installed the current one.

How can I solve it???

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I have seen this problem before but we don't know what causes it, it seems

that Access stores something somewhere and remembers the structure of

components you have used, since some parameters in these events have changed

over time, it gets confused.

Please try the following:

- Close Access

- Create a bran new database (without opening any one).

- Drop a chart

- Use it

Do you get the problem ? if you don't then you are experiencing what I

described above.

We haven't found any elegant solution to solve this, the only thing that

works is to Copy-Paste the forms to a bran new DB.



Software FX, Inc.


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