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Exporting an Annotation List with a Graph

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I've created an annotation list which I attach to my ChartFX pointer.

IChartFXPtr m_pFX;

IAnnListPtr m_pAnnList; // annotations

m_pAnnList.CreateInstance(__uuidof( AnnotationX ));

m_pAnnList->CFX98_ToolBar = FALSE;

m_pFX->AddExtension((IUnknown *)m_pAnnList);

I then create data region labels which I store in an array.

IAnnTextPtr regionLabels[50];

// Loop through 50 times

regionLabels[i] = m_pAnnList->Add((short) OBJECT_TYPE_TEXT);

I've created an array of gridlines with IAnnArrowPtr similarly.

My problem is that I've been attempting to export this graph setup so that I

can simply reimport it in an ActiveX control without having to reimplement

the code. I've used the following export/import functions while I've been

testing it.

HRESULT hr = m_pFX->Export( CHART_CFXOLEFILE, CComVariant(

CComBSTR("D:\\dutycycle.chd") ) );

HRESULT hr = m_pFX->Import( CHART_CFXOLEFILE, CComVariant(

CComBSTR("D:\\dutycycle.chd") ) );

The array of IAnnArrowPtrs has exported and imported without any problems.

However, the array of IAnnTextPtr does not seem to be exporting/importing

correctly. I placed the export command at the end of my initialization

function after I had created everything. I then replaced the initialization

function with the import command. Unfortunately when I attempted to update

the array of IAnnTextPtrs with data, my program threw an error.

Is the IAnnTextPtr in fact successfully importing and exporting? Is my

problem the fact that I need to somehow reattach the IAnnTextPtr that was

imported back to my member variable? Should I simply recreate that array

and not worry about trying to import and export it?


Jeremy Anthony

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