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Re: Crashes on Windows XP

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Thank you for the reply.

Please see the attached sample (zipped).

The loading code is in chart.cpp and the 2 chart files are chart_2k.och and


Since both files contain non-chart data the sample "seeks" to offset 0x205.

Please compile, run and click either "load chart file #1" or "load chart

file #2" button.

One of them should cause "access violation" in SfxBar.dll depending on the

system (Win2k or WinXP).

As you can see from chart.cpp the loading code is very straightforward: it

creates chart control and then calls Import method. The chart files have

been saved in similar way.

Our development environment: VC++ 6 SP5

Cfx4032.dll -

SfxBar.dll -

Win2K Pro SP2 or WinXP Pro


"SoftwareFX Support" <support@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> We have extensively tested Chart FX with Windows XP, as a matter of fact

> most of our developers and support people is running XP in their computers

> as their main OS.


> We have tried saving the chart in 2000 and reading it from XP and it works

> fine. We suspect that the bug you found has to do with a particular

> combinations of settings saved on the chart file.


> So we will need you to give us more details about this crash, ideally, we

> would like to have the chart file that you are saving or the code used to

> produce it.


> --

> FP

> Software FX, Inc.



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Ok. I think I got it !

The problem is with the ToolBar image.

Windows XP's ImageList and Windows NT ImageList components serialize

different info, incompatible info.

We do not know if there is a way to make the ImageList in XP read/save in

Win NT format we have not found any way of doing this.

Because of this ImageList issue we do not allow to save/read a customized

toolbar, you need to take the TOOLS out of the FileMask or leave the ToolBar

image untouched in order to be a able to have files that can cross from/to

Win XP/Win NT.



Software FX, Inc.

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

You suggest to save/load chart files with FMASK_TOOLS removed from the


I think this solution presents 2 major problems for us.


Our users already have lots of saved chart files. It will be very difficult

for them to re-create those charts.

Is it possible to save a chart file with one FileMask and load it with

different FileMask? That is, if I save a chart and FMASK_TOOLS flag in ON

would it possible to load the chart with FMASK_TOOLS flag OFF?

I suspect the answer is "No" because I have tried loading that crashing

chart file taking FMASK_TOOLS constant out of the FileMask. Unfortunatelly,

this didn't help (it still crashed).


As I understand FMASK_TOOLS affects not only the toolbar but other "tools"

as well (e.g. the series legend box).

So if I exclude this flag the size and position of the legend box will not

be saved (and then not restored on load).

Is it right?

Actually we don't need the customized toolbar to be saved in chart files.

Our application re-creates the customized toolbar each time it loads the


However, we do need to save size and position of legend boxes and positions

of all toolbars.

And we can't force our users to re-create the chart files.

Is there any way we can satisfy these requerements?

I've just made another experiment.

I have added a command to our application to save the chart using ChartFX

standard saving method.


I saved the chart to the attached 2k.chd file and then loaded it under WinXP

using your sample app (Cfx98).

And it loaded Ok!

It didn't crash and toolbar/legend positions were loaded correctly.

So it appears to me that the ChartFX library was able to load (under XP) the

image list saved under Win2K.

Any comments?


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