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Chart Formatting Questions

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1)  The charts I'm generating have a thin, solid, black line surrounding the

entire chart area. Is this something I can write code to eliminate?

2) Also, I've changed the color of the gridlines to black, dotted lines.

However the axis lines adjacent to the X and Y axis are still the default

color. This is labeled 2 on the attached image.

I hope the attachment shows up.


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1) Set the BorderStyle property to BORDER_NONE

This didn't work for me. I still have the thin border surrounding the

entire graph.

2) Set the AxesStyle property to CAS_FLATFRAME

This worked mostly but I am still wondering how I can format the lines above

the x axis and the y axis so they don't look the same as the grid lines.

I appreciate your help.

Brian Beaudet

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1) Please try this:

- Create a new VB project

- Drop a chart

- Set the BorderStyle to BORDER_NONE

I did this and I get NO border at all. Where do you get this border in the

printer ? in the screen ? in the clipboard ?

2) See the docs for AxesStyle for all available styles. The color and style

are taken from the major grid. If you want them to be different, you can use

the MinorGrid for your gridlines.



Software FX, Inc.

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