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Tricky Problem With A Legend Box

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Hello Everyone!

I have a very tricky problem at the moment, which I could do with some help

on. I am building a graph which is being coloured at runtime by directly

changing color property of each data item. The colour of each data item is

dependant upon the time of day that it refers to. My colouring code works

perfectly. The problem is that the user of the system wishes to see a legend

box so that the 4 different colours are explained. I cannot get ChartFX to

do this. The legend box seems to work by coloring each box according to the

colour of its corresponding series. However, in my case, this does not work

because I only have 1 series, but this series contain points that could be 1

of 5 colours. The graph is being created using an array. How do I get around




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