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Problems Making An Active X chart work

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Hello Everyone!

My latest problem involves trying to convert my code so that it runs using

ActiveX instead of just generating a picture. I have gone back to basics

with the idea of building things up slowly. So I copied the example out of

the help file (Appendix A) on using ActiveX, this did not work straight away

because it uses the obsolete ThisSeries method. Now I am very puzzled,

because the code I have done specifies that my test graph should only have 1

series and yet it has 2! My code and screenshots are attached.

I even tried designing the chart in the designer with 1 series and 10 data

points, then copying the code across, that did not work either.

Can anyone help?



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A couple of things:

1) Internet Explorer will not read the constants from the type library,

therefore, using of constants such as COD_VALUES is not allowed, IE will

take them as zero (0).

2) In your OpenData you are not specifying one (1) series, you are

specifying zero (0) which means "unchanged" that's why you get two (2)

series (the default).



Software FX, Inc.

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