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UserScroll and Scroll

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I am using ChartFX Client/Server ( and am attempting to synchronize

two disparate components. The component (non-chartfx) can only scroll by

the hour, so i need to enforce that the chartfx component scrolls by the


I have tried putting code in the userscroll that calculates the next closest

hour and call Scroll, but that does nothing (it actually seems to generate a

userscroll event with the original data values). I have also tried just

using the scroll event on the other component and call Scroll on the chart.

Neither option seems to work. I cannot get the chart to scroll. A final

option was to disable the chart scrollbar, and just use SetScrollView to

move it around, but when you setscrollview, the scrollbar shows up.

A note to SoftwareFX documentors: the documentation talks about a CHART_ML

macro in the scroll method, but that is the only mention of it anywhere in

the documentation, code or online faq/kb. What is it and where is it?

So, any ideas on how/why i cannot get the chart to scroll?

Data description: chart with 144 points. All displayed. User can "zoom"

which sets the display to 20 points onscreen. At this point, the user needs

to be able to scroll... by the hour.

in the UserScroll of the chart, i calculate the scrollbar position and

attempt to send a scroll command, and then set nRes to 1 to tell the chart

to ignore the user event. Optionally, i have sent the same code from the

other component's scroll event. Here are a few methods i've tried with no


'ChartFXTTA.Scroll CHART_ML(4, lScrollPos), 0

'ChartFXTTA.Scroll 4, lScrollPos

'ChartFXTTA.Scroll 4, IntegersToLong(0, CInt(lScrollPos))

ChartFXTTA.Scroll IntegersToLong(4, CInt(lScrollPos)), 0

any help would be greatly appreciated.



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1) CHART_ML is defined in CFXOCX.BAS which you must include if you are using

VB. CHART_ML is equivalent to Window's MAKELONG macro.

2) The scroll method will only scroll if there is more datapoints, in other

words, Scroll works exactly the same as the scrollbar itself.

If you want to use SetScrollView and hide the scrollbar, you need to turn

OFF a flag called CS_SCROLLBARS in the Style Property as follows:

ChartFX1.Style = ChartFX1.Style and not CS_SCROLLBARS

By doing so you hide the scrollbars but still have a scrollable chart which

you can scroll by code using Scroll or SetScrollView. I suggest using

scrollview as it gives you more control.



Software FX, Inc.

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