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Using Only Client Component

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This is the Newsgroup for ChartFX Client Server which is a Charting tool

that can be used with VB or C++ on desktop applications, not from a Website.

The product you need is ChartFX Internet Edition, however, it will require

installation on your ISP's WebServer.

SoftwareFx Support.


"Shady Samir" <shadys@clipsolutions.com> wrote in message


> Does chartFX support using only the client component? We are hosting on a

> shared server and there is no way to install any server components. but we

> would like to use chartFX client component for our web page.


> --


> Best Regards


> Shady Samir

> shadys@clipsolutions.com

> Development Director

> CLIP Solutions




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You can use the client component included in Chart FX Internet edition

without using the server component, this however will limit your feature set

as most of the functionality is provided via Scripting.

You can do Client Side scripting only with the ActiveX control (Internet

Explorer only), the Netscape Plug-in can not be scripted.

The client component can load the data from a file in your server (text

file) or from the PARAM tags. Please go to the Chart FX Internet edition

support site at:


And check the ASP samples, then go to "ActiveX samples" on your left hand




Software FX, Inc.

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