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Labels for x axis not displaying, why???

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I am using the trial version and I am having a problem manually creating the

tick marks for the X Axis. These marks are simply the date concerned. To

make the chart continuos, I place values directly into the series object of

the chart, a cut down version of my code is shown below. My query extracts

31 records, 1 for each day in January. Plotting the values works fine, but

although the labels of the x axis are containing the requested values, as

proved by using

Response.write(cfxChart1.Axis(Axis_X).Label(RecCount)&"<br>"), the chart

does not contain any labels for the tick marks. What is going on?


cfxChart1.OpenDataEX COD_VALUES,1,TotalRecs*48

do while Not rs.eof

For Count = 1 to 48



SeriesCount=SeriesCount + 1



// cfxChart1.Axis(Axis_X).Label(RecCount)=rs("HalfHourDate")




cfxChart1.Axis(axis_x).firstlabel = 48

cfxChart1.Axis(axis_x).step = 48



response.write( cfxChart1.GetHtmlTag( "1000", "900", "Auto" ) )

%> </body> </html>

Please can someone help me!!



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Looks like you are putting all of your labels at the beginning. And then you

are starting at 48 which is probably pass your last label (I don't know how

many record you have).

You have 48 points for each label, if that is what you want you need to tell

chart FX that by doing:

ChartFX1.Axis(AXIS_X).LabelValue = 48

This way chart FX will know that the second label (Label(1)) belongs to the

48th point and not to the second point.

I don't think you want to use FirstLabel



Software FX, Inc.

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