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firstLabel and zooming

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I'm having issues with .firstlabel for axis'.

When I am not zooming the chart, I set firstlabel to X - .min (where X is

where I want the chart to start counting from, eg 1000 instead of 970)

This works okish, but there is pretty crappy behaviour: the majority of

the chart is in the negative Y axis, up to zero. I set the firstlabel

correctly and everything looks great, until you set the .max to some value

>= 0. Then you discover that the zero line has completely vanished, and

even worse, all values ABOVE the zero line are all out of step.

eg: with step of 100: -500, -400, -300, -200, -100, -nothing!-, 97, 197

Surely (especially in this case) zero should be shown and it should follow

with 100, 200, etc ?


Also, I notice that when zooming to say 3760-whatever on the xaxis

(doesn't really matter), you never get exactly that... instead you get a

window starting with 3755... this occurs even when you try and use

SetScrollStatus i think its called.


Also, I'd like to get the firstlabel thing working while zooming, so all

the axis values are (say) multiples of 100. However since I can't be

guaranteed that the minx I zoom to will be the first label, I can't set

the .firstlabel correctly!

Is this possible? Surely it should be, because otherwise the chart

doesn't look so nice.



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1) The first problem where you get:

-500, -400, -300, -200, -100, -nothing!-, 97, 197

Happens because FirstLabel is set to 97. If you have chart that breaks at

zero (Min < 0, Max > 0 and BreakZero is on) you should assign FirstLabel to

zero (default value). That way all calculation will go from zero up to the

max and from zero down to the min.

2) I think you are talking about SetScrollView. This method will round to

the step (minor step). Again FirstLabel will affect the labeling here as


3) This can't be done because of 2). The Zoom view is always rounded to the

step. Then the step is counted from the Min + FirstLabel.



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