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How to export a graph to clipboard

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Hi, there,

I am a user of ChartFX98 and work with VC++ and VB.

When I use VB, I can export a graph to the clipboard as follows:

ChartFX1.Export(CHART_METAFILE, "")

But, in VC++, I cannot export.

If I write as follows:

m_ChartFX.Export(CHART_METAFILE, "");

then I get an error message "CHART_METAFILE: undeclared identifier".


m_ChartFX.Export(2, "");

produces another error message.

I'm working with ChartFX using "insert activeX control..." at the dialog

design mode.

How can I export a graph to clipboard?

Thanks in advance.

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The following code:


Compiles and runs as expected when inserted in one of the samples.

It seems that instead of #import you are using the MFC's wrappers, we do not

recommend this option as it is limited in functionality.

Please use the #import as described in the docs. and sample programs.



Software FX, Inc.

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