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PrePaint error for Chart FX in Access 97

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I have an Access 97 form that I've removed a ChartFX v3 control from and 

added a ChartFX v4 control to. When I try to view the form I get:

The Expression PrePaint you entered as the event property setting produces

the following error: There was an error loading an ActiveX control on one

or your forms or reports.

- The expression may not result in the name of a macro, the name of a

user-derived function, or (Event Procedure)

- There may have been an error evaluating the function, event, or macro.

But when I select the control in design mode and bring up its Event

properties there is no PrePaint event.

The OLE Class is ChartFX 98 Control

The Class is ChartFX.Chart.4

So where can one set the PrePaint event function name? The only events I

have for it are:

On Updated

On Enter

On Exit

On Got Focus

On Lost Focus

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I've seen this error before and it seems to be a bug in access because it

remembers the events from the previous version.

We have been unable to confirm this with Microsoft and we are unable to

determine the cause for it or the solution.

It does not happen all the time, it seems to be related to the order in

which things are changed but so far, the only way we know of fixing a

project that reached this state is to create a new one and copy-paste the


Maybe you can find something we haven't in Microsoft's support site.



Software FX, Inc.

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