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Can ChartFX v3 and v4 coexist in same MS Access project? Same form?

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Can I have ChartFX v3 and v4 controls in the same MS Access project? I'm 

doing a migration and I'd like to be able to test before I've changed all

the forms. Is this possible? (I'm going to immediately migrate to v5 once I

have it working in v4 but I want to get it working in v4 first)

One problem I've found is with the CHART_HIDDEN constant.

In v3:

Global Const CHART_HIDDEN = 3.402823466E+38

In v4:

Global Const CHART_HIDDEN = 1E+308

If I use the v4 version of CHART_HIDDEN I have seen a run-time error

overflow on assign CHART_HIDDEN on a form that only had a v4 control.

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