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Is TopFont general property really obsolete? (ChartFX Client Server 5)

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(This is related to the API documentation of the

ChartFX Client Server 5 ( I am using

the dll version (Cfx4032.dll) from the

application written in C++ (VC6) using the #import.)

The documentation for the general property

TopFont says that it is obsolete property (see

Remarks tab), and that Fonts property should be

used instead.

I am setting charset of the fonts like this:

try {

// Smart pointer to font object.


CComQIPtr<IFont,&IID_IFont> pFont;


// ??? Obsolete?


pFont = m_spChartFX->GetTopFont();

ATLASSERT(pFont != 0);

hr = pFont->put_Charset(Charset);


// ... to compare with


pFont = m_spChartFX->GetAxis()


ATLASSERT(pFont != 0);

hr = pFont->put_Charset(Charset);




The documentation says something similar

for LeftFont, but the Fonts property

documentation gives the alternative for the

LeftFont. This is not the case for the TopFont

(see above and below).

CHART_LEFTFT 0 Please refer to TitleFont

CHART_RIGHTFT 1 Please refer to TitleFont

CHART_TOPFT 2 Is used to change the font type for the Top Title.

In other words, I did not find the replacement

of GetTopFont() that also returns IFontDisp *

(i.e. pointer to IFontDisp), in Cfx4032.tli.

Did I overlooked something or is it a bug in the





prikrylp at skil dot cz

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