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ChartFX 2000 and ASP.NET

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We have tested our Chartfx COM  component and it works fine with ASP.Net, it

requires small changes on CfxIE.inc file, If you need it I may send it to


The Chartfx COM component cannot be used with ADO.NET you will need to use

the standard ADO.

The good news is that we are working on the .NET version of chartffx which

will take full advantage of the .NET architecture and it will be released

soon. If you are interested on being part of .NET beta please visit us at:



Olga Cones


Softwarefx Support Team

"Dan Shin" <shinsoft@hotmail.com> wrote in message


> Can I use ChartFX 2000 with ASP.Net? Are there any examples of simple bar

> chart that is created from ADO.NET data source?




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