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print aspect ratio

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ok, I need a little help here:

in frmChart_Resize() :

' note frmChart has ChartFX1 in it.

with ChartFX1

ratio = (.Axis(AXIS_Y).max - .Axis(AXIS_Y).min) /

(.Axis(AXIS_X).max - .Axis(AXIS_X).min)

oldscale = frmChart.ScaleMode

.Height = frmChart.Height - 1000

.Width = frmChart.Width - 120


frmChart.ScaleMode = vbPixels

.RightGap = -(.Height - .TopGap - .BottomGap) / ratio - .LeftGap +


frmChart.ScaleMode = oldscale If .RightGap < MIN_RIGHT_GAP Then


frmChart.ScaleMode = vbPixels

.BottomGap = -(.Width - .LeftGap - .RightGap) * ratio -

.TopGap + .Height

frmChart.ScaleMode = oldscale

End If

' Turned this off cause it seemed to do nothing for it.

'.Scrollable = True

'.Axis(AXIS_X).SetScrollView .Axis(AXIS_X).min, .Axis(AXIS_X).max

'.Axis(AXIS_Y).SetScrollView .Axis(AXIS_Y).min, .Axis(AXIS_Y).max

'.Axis(AXIS_X).PixPerUnit = .Axis(AXIS_Y).PixPerUnit

End With

This works 90% of the way. Its not perfect on my monitor - one of the axis

would be off by about 1cm. Can I make this better?

How woulod I enforce a perfect aspect ratio on a print job? Whats the

"Pint" method? I looked PrintIt, but thats on a page-by-page basis, and

the margins are useless if I can't tell the size of the page!

How would I do this? Thanks

In article <0wHA#qqRBHA.1444@webserver1.softwarefx.com>, "SoftwareFX

Support" <support@softwarefx.com> wrote:

> To guarantee the same aspect ratio you must:


> a) Ensure both axes contain exactly the same scale (Min, Max and

> PixPerUnit). :) Ensue both axes are the same physical size, you need to

> play with the chart size and gaps to achieve this.


> If both these conditions are met, you will get a symmetric chart.


> Note: Printing the chart resizes its contents which may break the

> symmetry. Use the Pint method to control chart dimensions when printed.

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