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Adding charts at runtime

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I am trying to add charts at runtime.  When I do, I can see the chart and

it's properties in the immediate window, but I can't see it anywhere on the

form. Here is my code:

Private Sub AddChart()

Dim intTabCount As Integer

Dim cfx As ChartfxLibCtl.ChartFX

If frmCube.mbolChartCreated Then

sstChartTab.Tabs = sstChartTab.Tabs + 1

intTabCount = sstChartTab.Tabs

sstChartTab.Tab = IIf(intTabCount - 1 > 0, intTabCount - 1, 0)

Set cfx = Controls.Add("ChartFX.Chart.4", _

"cfxChart" & intTabCount, sstChartTab)

'Set cfx = Controls(Controls.Count - 1)

cfx.TOp = cfxChart.TOp

cfx.Left = cfxChart.Left

cfx.Width = cfxChart.Width

cfx.Height = cfxChart.Height

cfx.Enabled = True

cfx.Visible = True

'Set cfx.Container = sstChartTab

'cfxChart.Visible = False

frmCube.objCharting.ChartData Controls(Controls.Count - 1),


'cfx.hWnd = sstChartTab.hWnd


Set cfx = Me.cfxChart

frmCube.objCharting.ChartData cfx, frmCube.ac

End If

frmCube.mbolChartCreated = True

End Sub

Is it my code or is it a problem with Chartfx 98

Any help would be appreciated


Daniel Reber

Datamasters, Inc

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