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Multitype charts Candlesticks + X/Y ??

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I am trying to create multitype charts with candlesticks and a X/Y (curve)


I can create a 5 sereis chart easily.. that is

ChartFX2.ValueEx(OHLC_LOW, j) = nlow

ChartFX2.ValueEx(OHLC_OPEN, j) = nopen

ChartFX2.ValueEx(OHLC_CLOSE, j) = nclose

ChartFX2.ValueEx(OHLC_HIGH, j) = nhigh

ChartFX2.ValueEx(4, j)= y ' y axis value for the curve chart'

But now how do I control the x axis for the 5th series (x/y) chart. For

example I want to display the 5th series starting form a parilcular value

on x axis. Is this possible ??

Any help would be greatly appreciated !!!



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